Des Moines Iowa Real Estate Market Watch – Week of September 15th, 2008

by Tyler Osby on September 24, 2008

Real Estate Market Watch

What’s The Real Estate Market Doing?

Do you ever wonder how our real estate market is here in Des Moines? Unfortunately, we spend a lot of time listening to how rough things are in other cities around the country, but too often we don’t really consider what our real estate climate is like.

I’m a fan of having as much information available before I take action on any big decisions. I don’t know about you, but I think buying or selling a home is a pretty big deal.

As a blogger and mortgage professional, when I receive good information – I pass it on. Home listings and sales are an interesting set of information most of us don’t have super easy access to. Thankfully, I have a Realtor that hammers me with e-mails (Just kidding, I don’t mind them) on market updates and her opinion on where things are at.

Do YOU Need Help?

As a mortgage professional, I cannot sell real estate.  I can however help you connect with a Realtor.  If you are looking for some answers, I’d be happy to introduce you to someone who can help!  No question is silly or too off the wall.

I can also reach out to my connections throughout the country if you’re looking for real estate outside of Iowa.  So please, feel free to contact us, we’d love to help!

Why Should You Care About Statistics?

Whether you’re looking to purchase, sell or refinance a home – this stuff matters. These statistics are compiled from the Multiple Listing Service and cover the Des Moines, Iowa residential real estate market.

With her permission, I post the facts here so you can come up with your very own market opinion. Here’s this week’s market commentary:

it is a great time to buy a home.  We are in a buyers market, but we won’t be forever so if you’re on the fence, now is the time to jump off.  Our total active listings have again declined to numbers that we haven’t seen since early 2006, this is good news for sellers, less competition.  The key for sellers is still being realistic with your asking price and recognizing that if the market hasn’t brought you much activity or an offer after 30 days, it is probably time for a price reduction.”

Heather Barglof, RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts

Weekly Market Watch

What Does This Report Cover?

I really enjoy this chart because it gives a breakdown of:

  • Days on the Market
  • Price Per Square Foot
  • Number of New Listings
  • Number of Expired Listings
  • Number of Price Reductions
  • Pending Home Sales (by price)
  • New Home Sales (by price)
  • All Active Home Sales (by price)
  • Best of all, it compares this week vs. last week and last year!

This is a great chart.  I’m not a Realtor and would never try to take the place of one.  If you’re looking for statistics in your specific neighborhood (because your neighborhood is the only one that matters when you’re selling), I can help connect you with the right Realtor for the job!

We Love Great Information and Love to Give Great Information!

If you’re a super cool person and have any market statistics you think our readers would find valuable, please feel free to contact me. If it’s relevant, It’ll show up here!

If you’re looking for my professional opinion or looking for a comment (press related), please contact me here.

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