WHO & FOX News Ask the Question, Another Great Depression?

by Tyler Osby on September 25, 2008

Are We Looking At Another Great Depression?

It’s the question that Elias Johnson from Channel 13 was asking.  In the story, Elias interviewed a group of gentleman that had experienced the great depression and also contacted me on my opinion.

Spoiler Alert! We’re not witnessing anything like The Great Depression.

You can see the entire story here (while it lasts.. they don’t archive old footage):

WHO News at 9: Another Great Depression?  Interview with Elias Johnson

WHO News at 9 on KDSM FOX: Another Great Depression?

What Was Said?

Some big takeaways from the story were:

  • The world is much more different than it was during The Great Depression.
  • With FDIC Insurance, your deposits are insured (up to individual limits.. e-mail me if you don’t know if you are.)
  • It’s important to have cash set aside for unexpected problems (job loss, etc.).    Cash is king.
  • The government is stepping in to do what they can to release pressure from this situation.
  • When things get tough, everyone wants to instantly compare it to The Great Depression.

Thanks again to Elias Johnson and WHO-TV for contacting us to help!  Were always happy to help!

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