Iowa Citizens Recognizing Asbestos Hazards – Eco Alternatives Now Abundant

by Tyler Osby on January 11, 2009

This post is courtesy of the Mesothelioma Cancer Center.  They reached out to me because they wanted to share the importance of understanding Asbestos and how it can impact you.

Here’s their message.  It’s definitely worth your time:

When remodeling or purchasing an older home, there a variety of things to consider in the real estate industry. Homes and buildings constructed before 1980 maintain a strong chance of harboring asbestos materials. In most of Iowa’s industries that contribute to asbestos exposure, the mineral was used as insulation.

Asbestos became more popular as the Industrial Age continued because of its heat and flame resistant qualities. Citizens of Iowa need to be aware that asbestos exposure can lead to serious health problems. One of the highest risk professions currently is in the construction industry. Asbestos was used extensively in hospitals, government-buildings and schools.

A fatal lung-ailment known as mesothelioma is caused by asbestos exposure and studies demonstrate that is accounts for 3% of all cancer diagnoses in the United States alone. Patient prognosis varies from patient to patient depending on what kinds of mesothelioma treatments are best for the individual. Patient lifespan varies due to the age of diagnosis and illness latency period.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources provides assistance and guidelines in the removal of asbestos. The removal must be performed by licensed abatement contractors who have permits to work in their designated state.

The use of green alternatives such as cotton fiber, cellulose and lcynene can significantly reduce energy costs in the household per year up to 35 percent. Asbestos removal is an extremely delicate and hazardous operation, so removal in homes, buildings and public workplaces must be performed by an abatement contractor. The use of recycled building materials can reduce your carbon footprint and allow for a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

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