Be the interesting family member at Christmas this year!

by Tyler Osby on December 23, 2012

Tis the season to get together with all of your closest friends and family.  I know the feeling, and I love it.  Every year.

I have something that’s going to leave you being the talk of the party… I want you to take a quick listen to today’s video and take this advice to your family Christmas.  You will, without a doubt, be the coolest person there!  Okay, maybe not the coolest (that Uncle has always had an advantage…), but you’ll be the most interesting.

This week, I’ll share how to build credit for young people.  The best part: It doesn’t involve c0signing the card.  Which is a terrible idea, but what most parents do.

You’ll learn when to help a young adult apply for credit, what they should anticipate in the process of applying for credit and how to most successfully create a good credit score.

Start early on helping a kid build their credit score and they’ll thank you later.  Trust me.

Take a look!

[leadplayer_vid id=”50D732A3E9700″]

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