Here are some kind words from some of our raving fan clients and business partners:

“Tyler was recommended to us by a former colleague who had a great experience with him. We couldn’t agree more. We initially contacted Tyler just looking for some information and preapproval on a mortgage. His passion with everything real estate is shown in his work and knowledge regarding mortgages, real estate, and personal finances. He was able to travel to Ames to meet with us, which was easy and convenient for us. It was also great that I was able to get in touch with Tyler almost 24/7. We had a question one Friday night after hours, and Tyler actually stepped away from his dinner plans to help us out. Would recommend to anyone wanting information, or looking for a preapproval.” Daniel H., Ames, Iowa,  March 15, 2011

“Tyler was a great asset in our financing process for our new home. Always available to answer questions. A great person for referrals to other needs in the home purchase process. Enjoyed working with Tyler during the entire process.” Jason G., Des Moines, IA, May 26, 2011

“I have worked with Tyler twice on mortgages. He has been extremely valuable in helping me learn about home ownership. He is very knowledgeable about the financial markets and has helped me find great rates for very reasonable costs on both occasions.” Jordan K., Urbandale, IA, July 14, 2011

“I was nervous about my current loan, so I searched online with my questions and concerns.  That’s how I found Tyler.  He was very prompt and courteous with his responses.  Not only did he answer my questions, but he reinforced that I was making the right choice for my situation.” – Vicki Parker, 6/16/2010

“Working with Tyler is truly an experience I look forward to. His weekly updates, product knowledge, and caring attitude really sets him apart from others in the mortgage community. I know when I refer a client to Tyler, the job is going be done, and is going to be done right.” – Dennis Tonnemacher, 12/11/2009

“Tyler was able to get refinancing through on my home quickly with better results than I was even hoping for. Another professional had been dragging her feet with no results for 8 weeks… wish I would have hired Tyler to start with. He has also done the same for friends that I have referred to him.. A real expert who will take care of your housing/financing needs, and keep you in the loop during the process.” – Doctor, Matthew Howie. 12/9/2009

“My fiance and I worked with Tyler to purchase our first house. He was knowledgeable and took great care to thoroughly explain all of our options at every step of the process along the way. He would answer all of our questions promptly and completely and communicated regularly on what progress had been made. We would definitely recommend Tyler to anyone seeking mortgage services!” – Rachael Giertz , 8/26/2009

“Tyler is a student of the industry. His understanding of his business is the best I’ve seen. Tyler adds value to each transaction he is involved in and his consultative sales approach is enlightening.” – Steve Bruere, Owner of Peoples Real Estate Company, 4/23/08

“I have personally worked with Tyler regarding for my home loan. I found him to be extremely professional and he has a high attention for detail. Tyler was only interested in making my home loan process better and he has an exceptional knowledge of the loan process. I also found Tyler to be an excellent resource for real estate investing strategies.” Dirk Dixon, CPA, 9/12/2008

“Tyler always has ideas to help attain whatever goals one might have. In a sales driven field, Tyler stands out as he takes personal satisfaction in the positive results that he achieves for his clients and in the sound advice that he gives that allows his clients to avoid situations that create hardship. He is brutally honest when it comes to financial health and he lays the facts out for you to see and refuses to let his clients make a decision that he feels presents a risk that is far beyond the potential reward.”Jordan Hojati, 5/28/2008

“Tyler is highly motivated and very personable. He took the time to get to know us and what we needed from him. He presented us with some very creative solutions and then allowed us to choose the solution that fit best for us.” – Elizabeth & Ryan, 8/12/2008

“Tyler provides a level of service in the mortgage banking industry that is often times taken for granted. He builds his business by educating his clients. A true student of the industry, Tyler has an uncanny ability to break down and understand national economic data that directly impacts mortgage pricing levels. Not only can he understand it, he can clearly communicate the message to his clients. Tyler’s professional approach, promptness, and easy-going demeanor only serve to compliment to overall experience. For his line of work, his service is unmatched. I would highly recommend and advise others to work with Tyler in the future.”
Jay D. Skelton, Portfolio Manager, Principal Real Estate Investors, September 16, 2008

“We couldn’t be more thrilled with the recent experience we had with Tyler at Four Legacies Mortgage. Tyler made us feel very confident in the process as he was very thorough with his process from asking us about our current mortgage and financial cash flow situation all the way to what we would like that to be. Tyler kept us up to date with emails, phone calls. The entire process from inquiring about a loan with Tyler to signing the papers was stress-free and smooth.  We were impressed how Tyler had us start at one rate and he recommended to float till the market reached it’s best point and then he recommended to lock. We saved almost $800/month in cash flow in just a few short weeks of working with Tyler! We couldn’t be more thankful! I strongly recommend Tyler to anyone looking for not just a mortgage lender, but that individual that will go above and beyond your expectations in getting you the type of loan that fits your needs for your wealth management goals.  Tyler truly looks at the big picture of where you are and where you want to be in creating your wealth through the right choices in setting up your mortgage to lead you down that path. Tyler, thank you for not only helping us reach our wealth creation goals but for your consistent communication in sharing advice after the process.” Jason and Amy Kolln, 4/1/08

“Tyler was such a joy to work with. He was quick to inform me of any status changes in the transaction we worked on together. In fact, he contacted me to introduce himself FIRST, which never seems to happen in my position. He was quick to respond to me and was very knowledgeable in his field. Tyler updated me very regularly on our transaction together. I would highly recommend Tyler because of his attention to detail, accommodating and positive attitude, and his willingness to go the extra mile.”
Anna Culbertson, Closer at JDR Group, 4/23/08

“From our very first meeting to our closing Tyler was very well prepared and professional.  He went through every option available to us for financing.  Tyler was consistent with his communication throughout the purchase with weekly updates to us, the Realtors and even the sellers!  He was exemplary in his explanations so that we understood and was very detail oriented.   We completely trust Tyler and felt confident in his work and knowledge.  Tyler Goes above and beyond his role which brings him to excellence.” -Doug and Dee, 8/27/2007

“Working with Tyler was so seamless and easy that I actually got nervous.  Tyler kept me updated with a weekly update along with phone calls. It was nice to know he looked at many options to find the best mortgage for me rather than just trying to give me a “one-size-fits-all”.   The whole process couldn’t have gone any better.” – Jamie, 7/28/2007

“I never thought I could own a home at 22.  Fortunately I took the opportunity to talk with Tyler.  He thoroughly explained the home buying process and made it very easy to understand. He explained the options we had for buying the home and then made a recommendation based on my plans in the next five years.   Within a few painless weeks, I was homeowner!” – Graham, 2/19/2007

“Tyler is an extremely knowledgeable and personal seller. He exemplifies what selling is today. It is a consultative process in which Tyler as the service provider works with clients to provide them the best mortgage experience possible. I have had the great pleasure to work with Tyler as a graduate of our DMACC Marketing program. He is very intelligent and understand the sales process and how to help people. He regularly gets involved with our students and programs by assisting with judging selling finals and speaking in classes. I highly recommend him as a quality person, salesperson, and service provider!”
Neil Kokemuller, DMACC Marketing Program Director, 4/1/2008

Additional references available upon request.   We work at creating raving fans in our business.. we hope you can be our next!