Is now the right time to refinance?

by Tyler Osby on March 24, 2013

With rates continuing to hit the lowest points of all time, I am frequently asked “Is now the right time to refinance?”.  Now, this question comes from a number of “places” for clients.   Here are a few examples (is this you?):

  • Considering buying a home with rates at all time lows vs. refinancing their current home
  • They just refinanced in the past couple of years and aren’t sure if it’ll really “help” their situation
  • They are concerned about their home being appraised for less than it was just a couple of years ago
  • They’re worried about qualifying because of recent changes in their financial situation

Whatever the case might be, it’s a great question.  In this week’s update, I address the popular question “Is now the right time to refinance?” once and for all.

Also, it’s the last week of this month’s theme “Updates from Paradise”!  Check it out below!

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