Top 10 Things for Dogs to do in Des Moines!

by Tyler Osby on April 28, 2013

Today, we conclude the month of George updates.  I’ll be honest, this seemed like a better idea in March when it came up in a conversation with neighbors… Haha.  But, we committed to do it!  So, in the last week of George updates, George lists off his favorite 10 things to do in Des Moines!  If you’re a dog (or really, pet?) owner, I think you’ll enjoy this as much as George did recording it.

Fair warning, this wasn’t edited.  I believe in a one-shot update.  This video clearly proves that 😉

Next week we’ll start a new monthly theme!  Looking forward to it!

Here’s George’s final update:

[leadplayer_vid id=”517DBB2E90B29″]

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