Want to be successful like people you admire? Here’s how.

by Tyler Osby on August 4, 2013

As I type and recorded this week’s update, I’m in Chicago.  You might wonder why…. and I secretly wish part of me was here for Lalapalooza, but I’m not.  Although, I can see the festival out my hotel window.   Truth be told, I’m here for a very expensive, very high-level conference.  A 7 day conference.

Since I realized I’ve been to a lot of conferences over the years, I figured I’ve got a lot of good take-aways that would make for good advice this month.  So, this month’s theme is big take-aways from my favorite gurus.  So, not only will you get to hear what I feel are some of the best (and honestly, easiest to articulate in such a short video…) ideas, but also some of the people I think are the smartest thinkers.

In this week’s video, I’m going to share what I think most people goof up when it comes to mirroring other people’s success.  If you’ve heard of “modeling” other people’s success, I think you’ll find this week’s update extremely interesting.  It’s the one thing I think that is frequently mis-understood and it’s a BIG problem if you miss it.

Here’s this week’s update:

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