Find a Great Accountant in Iowa!

by Tyler Osby on February 17, 2013

Tax time is upon us (once again) and I’m reminded the value that accountants bring to my life.  And, many of my client’s life.

Many people are “self-preparers” or, they find the local big-chain accounting company that offers “huge discounts” for tax preparation.  In my experience, many of us aren’t experts when it comes to the tax code (surprise!)… and you’re not any better off handing your taxes off to someone who works part-time (which is the case with many of these big-chain companies).

Take a look at this week’s update to hear more about what to look for and why, if you haven’t yet, finding a tax professional is the best move you’ll make this year.

Also, learn what the two largest expenses in most American’s lives are… and, how I can help you reduce both!


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If you’re looking for a suggestion on who to work with, drop me a line.  I’d be happy to connect you with someone!

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